# Initial Configuration

ServBay provides a straightforward initialization wizard to assist you in quickly completing the setup.

# Steps

  1. Select Packages
    • Upon first opening ServBay, an initialization wizard will appear. Click the "Select Packages" button.
    • In the pop-up window, you will see a list of available software packages, including different versions of services like PHP, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.
    • Choose the software packages you wish to install and confirm your selection.
Select Packages
  1. Initialization
    • Click the "Initialize" button, and ServBay will begin the configuration process.
    • During initialization, you might be prompted to enter your current user password to install the ServBay Helper. This tool is necessary for managing services and enabling system startup. Without installing ServBay Helper, the software will not function correctly.
Prompt Password
  1. Package Download and Installation

    • The initialization program will download the selected packages in the background.
    • Once the download is complete, installation and initialization will be performed automatically.
  2. Complete Initialization

    • After the installation and initialization, click the "Open ServBay" button to enter ServBay.
  3. Access Management Tools

With these steps, you have successfully completed the initialization of ServBay.

Last Updated: 11/24/2023