# Discover the Edge with ServBay

Welcome to the realm of ServBay - Elevating Your Web Development Experience!

ServBay is designed as an intuitive, easy-to-use, local web development environment, ideal for web and PHP developers, especially those working on macOS. It brings together a comprehensive range of web development tools and services, including web servers, databases, programming languages, and mail servers, all in a unified and efficient platform.

Key offerings of ServBay include its capability to manage multiple PHP instances, the flexibility of custom domain and SSL configurations, automated startup, and easy access through the menu bar. It's enhanced with a command-line interface, cohesive service management, and compatibility with Docker and Nodejs, ensuring a clean and efficient working environment. The platform also supports internal network access and allows for easy sharing of local websites with team members.

ServBay aims to streamline your development process, offering a quick, inclusive, high-performance, and secure environment for development, testing, and debugging.

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Last Updated: 11/29/2023